What’s My Motive

In 1931 Fred Bear shot his first bow, several years later he became a proficient archer with a passion for the sport. He began hunting all over the globe harvesting trophy animals with his recurve bow and in 1946 started Bear Archery. Fifteen years later in1961 Howless Allen, a mechanic from Missouri, was inspired to create the pulley system. His thought was this would allow him to draw a heavier weight creating faster arrow flight; this was the beginning of the compound bow.

Go Big or Go Home

When we think of BIG game in Africa we often think of the Big 5 or the Deadly 7. It is right of us to think this because those animals certainly justify the term BIG. My meaning of the term BIG took a large turn on my recent trip to South Africa with Sidebar Nkwe Hunting Safaris.

A year and half ago I had an up close encounter with a Giraffe. It was immense and powerful and majestic all at once. I was amazed at how quickly it was able to move and disappear while standing 20 feet tall. It was there and it was gone. I saw Giraffe on two occasions and became enamored with them instantly. I was not able to hunt one because of budgetary reason, but it is an animal that I do want to visit at some point with my Mathews bow.

Bear Anarchy HC

The Bear Anarchy HC is an incredible offering in their tremendous line of bows. I now have two of the Anarchy HC’s set up at a 30” draw length and 70 pounds and the results have been the same. I sighted both of these bows in from 20 to 80 yards in under 20 minutes. Bear states that “the new Anarchy HC is a deadly hunting bow with the feel, accuracy, and satisfaction of a target bow” and I have found that to be true. With a very forgiving brace height of 7.25 inches and a length of 35.5 inches, this bow hits the mark over and over again.

The Proverbial: “There is nothing there”

I like to think that I am a pretty good spot and stalk hunter. I have spent the last 7 years hunting the west for Mule Deer and Elk and have done very well. Much of that hunting is spot and stalk hunting. I have been able to read the sign and react accordingly to make the right decision at the right time and harvest some exceptional game.

Most people who have been to Africa would agree that the trackers there are the best in the world. They can pick out a specific animal in the midst of hundreds of tracks. They will follow it at a normal walking pace when I can’t even see a track. They are simply amazing.

Africa Unleashed

It is always a tremendous thrill to take someone to a new place to hunt a new species. That is doubly true when taking a first timer to hunt South Africa. It is even better when that first timer is not only going to a new land to them, not only going to see things they have never seen, not only going to experience beautiful plains game animals, but in addition to all those realities they are going to hunt a lion.

That is exactly what happened on my recent trip to Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris www.sedibankwe.co.za . I had the privilege of hunting with my good friend Chris Crites on a 10 day Safari in South Africa. We had planned for months, saved for months, and were prepared to go. The agenda would start off with a complete focus on hunting a 6-8 year old mature male lion.

Archery Hunting the Screaming Giant

There really are very few things in this world that get a hunter’s heart racing more than a massive bugle of giant bull elk. The sound, especially when close by, sends shivers up one’s spine and gives a person goose bumps all over. It seems to me that even after years of chasing these majestic monsters, the feelings that overtake my body at the sound of bugle has not waned one bit.

Archery hunting an elk is an amazing endeavor. I have hunted all kinds of animals with my bow and very few bring the kind of excitement and adrenaline rush as hunting elk. This is especially true if you have the privilege to hunt an elk during the rut. That is the time of year when the elk bulls are bugling and they become more susceptible to getting arrowed by the prepared archer.

There are all kinds of methods and techniques to hunting elk with the bow. Many people have put all their eggs into one basket as far as their preferred method or approach to an elk hunt. I have found that a well rounded elk hunter will have many approaches to hunting this great animal. I would like to share with you the learning curve and experience of a North Eastern Whitetail hunter turned elk fanatic.

The Move From Good To Great

Over the years I have never met a serious hunter who has not dreamed of being a great hunter. Of those I have spoken with about this topic, the idea of what a great hunter is has varied widely. Most can name those that they think are great hunters, but most have not defined why they consider those great (at least not beyond the fact that they shoot big animals), what has made them great, and what is stopping themselves from being great.

Most of the hunters I know are serious about their hunting. They really do want to be successful in hunting. They may define successful differently, live in different parts of the world, and hunt different game, but they all have the desire to excel in their game. Most of these men and women have planned, prepared, have good equipment, and want to win. Their zeal, passion, and desire are there, but most when pinned down do not consider themselves a great hunter.

My Family on the Hunt

Being a father of three has been a tremendous experience.  In fact, one of the greatest joys that I have in life is sharing my outdoor lifestyle with my wife and children.  Since my kids have been born they have had the opportunity to hike, be in a treestand, play sports, and just be around and involved in all the outdoor choices that Kelley and I make.

As I have continued to build my outdoor lifestyle over the years, my family has obviously been involved every step of the way.  At this point in time I now have two children that are old enough to hunt in any state in our nation since they are 12 and 13.  Both of them have been able to hunt prior to that in places where a 12 year old age limit was not required.  They have now both harvested multiple animals. My ten year old daughter, Hollis, passed her hunter safety course and will hunt small game this year in Colorado.

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