The Move From Good To Great

Over the years I have never met a serious hunter who has not dreamed of being a great hunter. Of those I have spoken with about this topic, the idea of what a great hunter is has varied widely. Most can name those that they think are great hunters, but most have not defined why they consider those great (at least not beyond the fact that they shoot big animals), what has made them great, and what is stopping themselves from being great.

Most of the hunters I know are serious about their hunting. They really do want to be successful in hunting. They may define successful differently, live in different parts of the world, and hunt different game, but they all have the desire to excel in their game. Most of these men and women have planned, prepared, have good equipment, and want to win. Their zeal, passion, and desire are there, but most when pinned down do not consider themselves a great hunter.

My Family on the Hunt

Being a father of three has been a tremendous experience.  In fact, one of the greatest joys that I have in life is sharing my outdoor lifestyle with my wife and children.  Since my kids have been born they have had the opportunity to hike, be in a treestand, play sports, and just be around and involved in all the outdoor choices that Kelley and I make.

As I have continued to build my outdoor lifestyle over the years, my family has obviously been involved every step of the way.  At this point in time I now have two children that are old enough to hunt in any state in our nation since they are 12 and 13.  Both of them have been able to hunt prior to that in places where a 12 year old age limit was not required.  They have now both harvested multiple animals. My ten year old daughter, Hollis, passed her hunter safety course and will hunt small game this year in Colorado.

Packing For Your Hunting Trip

You have been planning for your hunt of a lifetime for the past year. You have saved your money. You have done your research:  research on the outfitter,  research on the species,  research on the equipment,  research on the terrain,  research on the weather, research even on your research at times.

For one year you have been working hard, practicing diligently, and visualizing your moment of truth for this great hunting adventure.  When you arrive at your destination  and get settled into camp, you start to get you equipment out and ready.  It is at that moment that so many hunters have what I call a real “OH NO” moment. Something was forgotten.  Something was left out.  Something wasn’t brought along.

Packing for your hunting trip

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