Scouting Preparation

A very good friend of mine and a Prostaff hunter at my hunting consultant business has drawn a Colorado high country Mule Deer tag near Silverton, Colorado.  This hunt will take place at altitudes that will be from 10,000 to 14,000 feet.  It will be a tough hunt not only because of the altitude, but also because of the rugged terrain.

Our preparation has already begun by physical conditioning and shooting.  Workouts have increased and in the heat of summer the need for Wilderness Athlete’s Hydrate and Recovery has also increased.  The need for proper hydration is a must at all times and is only heightened in summer time.  We are running and doing so at altitude in order to be prepared for this fall.

The Bear Move

For the past several years I have shot for what many consider to be the top archery company in the world.  I absolutely loved my time with that company and appreciate all that they did for me during that season of my life.  I don’t have a sour word to speak and loved their equipment and their pursuit of excellence.

Bear Archery Motive 7

Lakewood Products Cases to the Test

One of the biggest concerns I have anytime I hunt around the world is the issue of getting my gear to the location of the hunt without any damage. Going to South Africa is no exception. My camera equipment is upwards of $7000 in value and my bow set up is about $1700 in value. I always have a bit of anxiety over my equipment making our destination without being broken or stolen.

On this trip I decided to use Lakewood Products Cases. Lakewood Products, the maker of Extreme Cases for the Sportsman, is a company that I have used for several years now. I love their cases and have been using them in all of my local hunting and on any hunts to which I have been able to drive. Their cases have performed beyond expectation every trip.


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