My 28 Day Challenge

Because I am such a huge fan of so many of Wilderness Athlete’s products I decided to take on the 28 Day Challenge. This choice came as I noticed a bit of excess weight and sensed the urgency of the upcoming Mule Deer and Elk Archery Seasons in Colorado. I needed to shed a few pounds and to do so on a very limited time frame. I had a few weeks and limited time to work out due to other commitments.

Being a True Wilderness Athlete

Being a True Wilderness Athlete begins with being true to yourself.  At 44 years of age and being fairly athletic all of my life, I have concluded that nothing in life comes without hard work.  Many in the fitness industry have tried through dangerous and unhealthy drugs and supplements to quicken the results of workouts.  The results they have achieved have been short lived and sometimes even fatal.

At Wilderness Athlete the objective and goal is to get you maximized results from your hard work through great products that are a result of science and study.  Wilderness Athlete has sought out the best products from around the globe to offer you the best potential from your hard work.  When you are taking in the right kind of supplements and additives you are allowing your body to fulfill its potential.

Scouting Preparation

A very good friend of mine and a Prostaff hunter at my hunting consultant business has drawn a Colorado high country Mule Deer tag near Silverton, Colorado.  This hunt will take place at altitudes that will be from 10,000 to 14,000 feet.  It will be a tough hunt not only because of the altitude, but also because of the rugged terrain.

Our preparation has already begun by physical conditioning and shooting.  Workouts have increased and in the heat of summer the need for Wilderness Athlete’s Hydrate and Recovery has also increased.  The need for proper hydration is a must at all times and is only heightened in summer time.  We are running and doing so at altitude in order to be prepared for this fall.

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