Team Journey

The Journey Hunts team is made up of 100’s of years of combined experience.  Our team is able to put in all the time necessary to make sure that your experience is everything you intended it to be.  We do the hard work for you so that you can enjoy the hunt without concern of getting ripped off by some sub par outfitter or safari owner.  The best part of our work is that it cost you absolutely nothing.

Matt Guedes

Matt is a pro staff hunter and is sponsored by many outdoor companies. He shoots Bear Archery Bows. Matt is also an outdoor writer. His relational ties to the hunting world and his 19 years of hunting experience in the US and abroad have enabled him to have the experience necessary to deliver results as a hunting consultant. Matt will provide you with information and resources that will enhance your hunt and that allows you to know you are hunting where you need to be hunting for the species you have chosen to pursue.
Matt is a devoted Christ follower who resides in Mesa, Colorado with his lovely wife Kelley and his three children, Tekoah, Baylee, and Hollis. Together they provide you with what you need as you pursue your dream hunt and trip of a lifetime. Allow the Guedes family along with their handpicked staff to help you in every aspect of your next hunting journey.


Ron Shirey
Senior Hunting Consultant

Ron Shirey brings 50 plus years of trigger time to the table. He has been an avid hunter all of his life while being raised near the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Being availed to the farms of many friends and family, he followed the traditional Pennsylvania progression of birthday gifts; a .22 for his 5th, a shot gun for 10th , and a 30-06 for the first deer season at his 12th! Those younger days also included many hours of trout fishing the lakes and streams throughout eastern PA. He learned to tie his own flies from a corporate Pro Dresser from feathers he harvested himself. Ron also acquired other important Boy Scout lessons learned on the track to Eagle Scout while traveling every year with the troop to Canada while fishing for big pike and muskies.
Ron has hunted extensively for all that is offered in the state of Pennsylvania: deer, bear, turkey, small game, upland birds, and migratory waterfowl. Off seasons skills were kept in shape using that old .06 to take groundhogs and other pests. Range time honed in skills with pistols, shotgun, black powder, and bows. Ron became an original life member of the North American Hunting Club and traveled to various states and provinces in pursuit of many different big game animals: bear, elk, mulies, pronghorn, caribou, aoudad, goats, sheep, and hogs. He took family trips to Kansas for many ring necks.
Several years ago through common friends and family hunting partners, Ron landed in a remote Saskatchewan moose camp with Pastor Matt and a very young Tekoah Guedes. They quickly became fast, respectful friends and have hunted together every year near Matt’s family home in the mountains of Colorado and other western states. Together they have enjoyed highly successful international trips to our outfitter Sediba Nkwe in the Limpopo province of South Africa where 5 of Ron’s 11 animals made the Roland Ward record book. They have also hunted with outfitter Glen Dene Station in New Zealand where Ron completed the four animal Grand Slam in almost perfect form. Just one second shot was required to anchor a nice Himalayan Tahr on an amazing heli-hunt with glaciers and Mt Cook in the back-drop.

After several years in the service as a Navy Diver and weapons tech, Ron acquired an engineering degree through Forces Afloat and classes at Penn State University. With strong business sense and experience from a 30 year career in IT support, he worked for several major corporations that covered various lines of business. Along with being self-employed and many personal investments allowing for an early retirement, Ron has a discerning and mature insight that he can now apply to his vigilant search for new adventures for you to enjoy.


Brian Stevens
Senior Hunting Consultant

Brian Stevens was born and raised in Kansas where he grew up bird hunting with his dad who taught him the ins and outs of hunting. As an adult Brian wanted to challenge himself further and tried bow hunting. After the first sit in the stand he knew he was hooked. He has been an avid bow hunter for many years harvesting many Big Game and Small Game animals. He enjoys the off-season preparation as much as the hunt itself; planting food plots, stand placement, wildlife nutrition, and herd management. Brian’s goal as a hunter is to be ethical and enjoy all aspects of the hunting experience. In addition to hunting, Brian really enjoys shooting indoor and outdoor archery competitions and it has become a passion.

Michael Cole
Senior Hunting Consultant

Michael Cole is an avid hunter who has lived on the Western Slope of Colorado all of his life. Michael hunts with the bow, crossbow, pistol, muzzleloader, and rifle. He is a long range rifle shooter who has a confirmed animal at 1800 yards. Michael has hunted all over the United States and internationally. His passion for the outdoors is evident when you speak to him or his family.

Barry Nofsinger
Senior Hunting Consultant

Barry Nofsinger grew up in the desert of southeast New Mexico where he developed his passion for bow hunting. Barry’s father was an avid archer and bought him his first Bear bow when he was five years old. By the age of six, Barry was shooting in local tournaments which quickly fine-tuned his shooting skills. Barry harvested his first big game animal with his bow at twelve years of age. Since that time he has developed a tremendous love for hunting especially when using calling techniques to lure in the game he is pursuing. In 1997 Barry moved to his dream location of Colorado where he shares a wonderful life with his wife Melissa and his three children, Olivia, Mateo, and Brayden. Barry shares his same passion of bow hunting with his children as his father did with him.


Troy Hawkins
Senior Hunting Consultant

Troy Hawkins is the owner of Hawkins Taxidermy and has been working professionally in the taxidermy field for over six years. He has studied the art of taxidermy around the country and strives to provide his customers with a beautiful, high quality mount that they can treasure. He was raised in the small Colorado town of Collbran where his passion for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing began at a young age. He harvested his first mule deer when he was twelve years old and has continued to pursue big game ever since. His most memorable hunt so far has been the mountain lion he harvested his senior year of high school. It was a once in a lifetime experience that he got to enjoy with his brother and assisting in the preservation of his trophy led to his passion for taxidermy. Troy lives and operates his business in Palisade, Colorado with his wife, Keira, and their daughter, Kacey.

Justin Sadler
Senior Hunting Consultant

Justin Sadler was born in western Colorado where he grew up hunting with his father since he was just old enough for his dad to pack him around on his back. In Justin’s teenager years he was an avid waterfowl hunter. He hunted anything from ducks on the Colorado river to giant honkers in corn fields. As an adult Justin has traveled to many states and different countries harvesting big game trophy animals. When Justin is not hunting he enjoys spending time with his family, shooting his bow, and preparing for the upcoming hunting seasons.


Wes Jelen
Senior Hunting Consultant

Wes Jelen was born and raised in central Mississippi and grew up hunting and fishing with his father, Glenn Jelen, Jr. and late grandfather, Glenn, Sr.  He is an aspiring outdoor writer,  a small business owner, and partner in a meat butchering and processing business with his father. After 10 years of chasing whitetails in the hill country of Mississippi, he took his first international hunting trip to Argentina and was hooked. Wes has since hunted New Zealand for Red Stag and numerous US states, hunting anything from turkeys to prairie dogs. In the offseason he enjoys spending his time managing his property for white tailed deer and wild turkey. Wes is a firm believer in wildlife conservation, and is a proud supporter of his local Ducks Unlimited, NWTF, and SCI chapters.

Jason Zuhlke
Hunting Consultant

Even though Jason Zuhlke was born and raised in the concrete jungles of Orange and Los Angeles counties in California, he found his identity as an outdoorsman through time spent in the mountains of southern Utah as a boy. As he became older, he became actively involved in Scouting and shooting; it was in this context that his love for wildlife, the outdoors, and marksmanship merged to form the foundation of the hunter he is today.

Jason truly believes that things in life, such as hunting and the outdoors, only gain intrinsic meaning and significance when they are shared. To that end, Jason is passionate about sharing his skill set and experience with others to help them achieve their goals. With almost 30 years of experience in the outdoors, a Marine Veteran, firearms instructor, and a current SWAT Sniper, Jason can help clients at any level.

When he’s not outdoors, Jason is an active member of his community, serves in ministry, and participates in a handful of other non-profit boards.  Jason is married to his beautiful wife, Heather, who has blessed him with two children, Jackson and Scarlett.  

Tracy Breen
Hunting Consultant

Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer who writes for dozens of publications across the United States. A few of the publications he writes for include Outdoor Life, Buckmasters, Bowhunting World, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Bowhunter, and the Mathews Archery website. He lives in Ravenna, Michigan with his wife Angie, 6-year-old son Thane and 3 year old son Hendrik. Tracy has cerebral palsy and often writes and speaks about overcoming physical challenges to enjoy the outdoors. To learn more about Tracy visit:


Tekoah Guedes
Hunting Consultant

Tekoah has been hunting with his dad for as long as he can remember. He shoots a Bear Archery Motive 6 bow. Tekoah has harvested led many Big Game and Small Game animals. His first big game animal that he harvested was a Whitetail doe when he was 8 years old in Kansas. Tekoah was born in Pennsylvania and is now living in western Colorado. He lives with his parents and two younger sisters in a Christian home. His father is a pastor of a church and Tekoah is the church’s drummer. He enjoys hunting with all his heart. He hopes that the Lord will bless him with being able to enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.

Baylee Guedes
Hunting Consultant

Baylee has been hunting with her dad since she was a child. She shoots a Bear Archery Rumor. Baylee has killed many North American and South African animals in her hunting career. Her fist big game animal was a black bear in Canada at age thirteen. Baylee was born in Pennsylvania and now resides in Western Colorado. She lives with her parents, older brother, and younger sister in a Christian home. Her father is a pastor and she is one of the church’s guitarists. Baylee hopes that the Lord will bless her with many more enjoyable animal harvests.


Jonathan Ellis
Hunting Consultant

Jonathan Ellis has an avid passion for the high country 365 days a year. He spends the spring picking up fresh elk sheds, the summer pre-scouting and backpacking, and the fall pursuing Colorado’s big game with his Bear Archery bow. Jonathan has killed numerous Big Game and Small Game in Colorado as well as in other states. His proudest achievement came in 2007 when he arrowed his first P&Y six-point bull elk. He has his sights set on Africa and Alaska for future archery hunts. Many of his bowhunting goals, however, lie at home in the Centennial State where he is waiting to draw numerous big game archery tags.


Tom Lee
Hunting Consultant

Tom Lee has been hunting and fishing for over 45 years and bow hunting for 40 years.  Living in Missouri has given him the opportunity to pursue deer and turkey.  He still enjoys rabbit and squirrel hunting which was his first exposure to the woods.  While being fortunate to have hunted big game on four continents, his real passion is helping others experience the joys of hunting.  Tom’s most treasured hunts are when he is coaching, teaching, and sharing the outdoor adventures with others.  In recent years, on six different occasions, he has been able to tree stand hunt alongside of a hunter when they took their first archery deer.  He feels privileged to share in the first bow deer of a fellow hunter because that is a hunt they will never forget.  Tom continues to enjoy fresh water fishing in the States and Canada.

He is forever in awe of God’s blessings and creation when it comes to nature and wildlife.

Cory Mcilveen
Hunting Consultant

Cory Mcilveen has grown up on the western slope of Colorado around hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. He participated in 4-H archery shooting and placed first in Mesa County and sixth in the state. He realized target shooting wasn’t his forte and wished to be in the outdoors hunting, fishing, or guiding. He killed his first big game animal when he was twelve. He was hooked on hunting since providing the cow elk for his family’s table. He eats all animals he harvests that can be eaten. He has harvested black bear, mountain lion, mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, wild hogs, exotics, and turkeys. Corey graduated as a certified guide from the New Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (COAGS). He was employed on a ranch in Oklahoma where he guided 30-60 people per week for wild hogs and other exotic animals. He has also guided black bear hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada . He hunts mostly archery with his Bear Archery compound and traditional bows, Spott Hog sight, Rip Cord rests, Trophy Ridge stabilizers and quivers, and his Tru-Fire release. The outdoor world is his life and passion.  “I will hunt all over the world and as for guiding, I will work wherever God has plans for me.”


Lamont Bonser
Hunting Consultant

I started hunting when I was just 12 years old and shot my first Whitetail buck in eastern Pennsylvania.   I hunted with a rifle until I completed my service tour with the United States Navy.  I hunted both archery and rifle seasons in PA for a few years and then transitioned to bow only.  All that I have learned about bows and bow hunting was done by trial and error.  I picked other archers’ brains about bow hunting and the archery world. In 2011 I had an opportunity to go to Colorado to be involved with an outfitting business on the western slope.  I jumped at the chance to be in the western big game circle to hunt elk, mule deer, antelope, cougar, sheep, and mountain goat.  Working in the outdoors has been an excellent experience.

Marc Maurer
High Altitude Specialist

Marc Maurer, a life-long Colorado resident raised in the Rocky Mountains, has stood on top of some of the highest points on the planet. His most recent accomplishment is summiting the “Highest Trekking Peak In The World”, Mera Peak, in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, towering a stately 21,247 feet (6,659 Meters) above sea level. As a High Altitude Specialist, Marc has organized, led, and guided alpine ascents summiting more than twenty 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado including Mt. Elbert (14,439 ft/4,389M), the highest point in the Continental US. He consults for Journey Hunts with Matt Guedes on matters of backcountry ethics, safety, navigation, and high altitude risk management. His adventurous spirit and thirst for travel has placed him in more than 17 countries and all but a dozen states within the US.
Marc is a devoted Christ follower and director of Beyond The Giant Ministries, Int’l. with outreach efforts in the US, Nepal, and South Africa. The ministry provides for the needs of orphans and victims of human trafficking through fund raising and charity climb efforts.
Future efforts include a charity climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world at 19,341 ft (5,895 M) above sea level. Funds raised will help finance outreach efforts and ongoing operations globally.
Marc earned his masters degree and is an architect by profession. He lives on the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado and is happily married to his best friend, Kathleen, as well as being a father of four beautiful children.


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