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We will take care of your entire trip from plane tickets until we get your trophy home. Best of all our services cost you nothing. We have vetted the best outfits and safaris in the world and bring them to you hassle-free – AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. 

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This is the most important question that you can ask yourself, “Why do I need a hunting consultant or booking agent?” The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. This question needs to have much examination in order to recognize just how important a hunting consultant can be in your decision making process.

We invite you to let me do the hard work of delivering the right place, the right outfitter, the best game, and minimize the risk for you so that you may simply enjoy the ride. Kick back and relax while I find you the destination hunts of a lifetime.

If you have saved for a year or many years to go on your dream hunt then you have sacrificed time, effort, and finances. By doing so you have placed yourself at the mercy of your ability to assure yourself of a great hunt. Many have done so before you and have been greatly disappointed. Hunting is still hunting. Weather occurs, animals move from an area, winter kills happen, and sometimes hunting skill comes into play. With all that being true, we have weeded through the vast array of outfitters for the species we offer and have only brought to you the best in their given field.

We have offered you a connection with outfitters and safari owners along with some great do-it-yourself trespass fee hunts that meet our high standard of satisfaction. It is our goal to give you the best of the best at Journey Hunts.

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