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Matt Guedes


Matt is a professional hunter and is sponsored by many outdoor companies for many years. Matt is also an outdoor writer who has been published in many magazines and e-magazines. His relational ties to the hunting world and his 27 years of hunting experience in the US and abroad have enabled him to have the experience necessary to deliver results as a hunting consultant. Matt has chosen to put all of his experience in the hunting world to use for you and your dream hunts.

Matt is a devoted Christ follower who resides in Thompson, Pennsylvania with his lovely wife Kelley and they have three adult children, Tekoah, Baylee, and Hollis. Together they provide you with what you need as you pursue your dream hunt and trip of a lifetime. Allow the Guedes family along with their handpicked staff to help you in every aspect of your next hunting journey.

Matt will provide you with information and resources that will enhance your hunt and that allows you to know you are hunting where you need to be hunting for the species you have chosen to pursue.  You can put Matt’s experience to work for you today.

Ron Shirey

Senior Hunting Consultant

Ron Shirey brings 50 plus years of trigger time to the table. He has been an avid hunter all of his life while being raised near the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Being availed to the farms of many friends and family, he followed the traditional Pennsylvania progression of birthday gifts; a .22 for his 5th, a shot gun for 10th , and a 30-06 for the first deer season at his 12th! Those younger days also included many hours of trout fishing the lakes and streams throughout eastern PA.  Ron also acquired other important Boy Scout lessons learned on the track to Eagle Scout while traveling every year with the troop to Canada while fishing for big pike and muskies.

Several years ago through common friends and family hunting partners, Ron landed in a remote Saskatchewan moose camp with Pastor Matt and a very young Tekoah Guedes. They quickly became fast, respectful friends and have hunted together every year near Matt’s former family home in the mountains of Colorado and other western states. Together they have enjoyed highly successful international trips to our Safari  in the Limpopo province of South Africa where many of Ron’s  animals made the Roland Ward record book. They have also hunted with outfitter Glen Dene Station in New Zealand where Ron completed the four animal Grand Slam in almost perfect form. Just one second shot was required to anchor a nice Himalayan Tahr on an amazing heli-hunt with glaciers and Mt Cook in the back-drop.

Jason Zuhlke

Senior Hunting Consultant

Even though Jason Zuhlke was born and raised in the concrete jungles of Orange and Los Angeles counties in California, he found his identity as an outdoorsman through time spent in the mountains of southern Utah as a boy. As he became older, he became actively involved in Scouting and shooting; it was in this context that his love for wildlife, the outdoors, and marksmanship merged to form the foundation of the hunter he is today.

Jason truly believes that things in life, such as hunting and the outdoors, only gain intrinsic meaning and significance when they are shared. To that end, Jason is passionate about sharing his skill set and experience with others to help them achieve their goals. With almost 30 years of experience in the outdoors, a Marine Veteran, firearms instructor, and a current SWAT Sniper, Jason can help clients at any level.

When he’s not outdoors, Jason is an active member of his community, serves in ministry, and participates in a handful of other non-profit boards.  Jason is married to his beautiful wife, Heather, who has blessed him with two children, Jackson and Scarlett.

Tom Lee

Hunting Consultant

Tom Lee has been hunting and fishing for over 45 years and bow hunting for 40 years. Living in Missouri has given him the opportunity to pursue deer and turkey. He still enjoys rabbit and squirrel hunting which was his first exposure to the woods. While being fortunate to have hunted big game on four continents, his real passion is helping others experience the joys of hunting. Tom’s most treasured hunts are when he is coaching, teaching, and sharing the outdoor adventures with others.

In recent years, on six different occasions, he has been able to tree stand hunt alongside of a hunter when they took their first archery deer. He feels privileged to share in the first bow deer of a fellow hunter because that is a hunt they will never forget. Tom continues to enjoy fresh water fishing in the States and Canada. He is forever in awe of God’s blessings and creation when it comes to nature and wildlife.

Tekoah Guedes

Hunting Consultant

Tekoah has been hunting with his dad for as long as he can remember. He shoots a Bear Archery bow as often as he can. Tekoah has harvested many Big Game and Small Game animals during his hunting opportunities. His first big game animal that he harvested was a Whitetail doe when he was 8 years old in Kansas. Tekoah was born in Pennsylvania, lived most of his youth years in western Colorado and has now returned to Pennsylvia. He lives with his parents and two younger sisters in a Christian home.  He enjoys hunting with all his heart. He hopes that the Lord will bless him with being able to enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.

Baylee Guedes

Hunting Consultant

Baylee has been hunting with her dad since she was a child. She shoots a Bear Archery left handed bow . Baylee has killed many North American and South African animals in her hunting career. Her fist big game animal was a black bear in Canada at age thirteen. Baylee was born in Pennsylvania lived her youth years in Colorado and now has returned to Pennsylvia. She lives with her parents, older brother, and younger sister in a Christian home. Baylee has done the majority of Journey Hunts editing on the pictures and videos and has her own video company named Beg For More Productions. Baylee hopes that the Lord will bless her with many more enjoyable animal harvests.

Tracy Breen

Hunting Consultant

Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer who writes for dozens of publications across the United States. A few of the publications he writes for include Outdoor Life, Buck-masters, Bow-hunting World, Petersen’s Bow-hunting, Bow-hunter, and the Mathews Archery website. He lives in Ravenna, Michigan with his wife Angie, 6-year-old son Thane and 3 year old son Hendrik. Tracy has cerebral palsy and often writes and speaks about overcoming physical challenges to enjoy the outdoors. To learn more about Tracy visit:

Justin Sadler

Hunting Consultant

Justin Sadler was born in western Colorado where he grew up hunting with his father since he was just old enough for his dad to pack him around on his back. In Justin’s teenager years he was an avid waterfowl hunter. He hunted anything from ducks on the Colorado river to giant honkers in corn fields. As an adult Justin has traveled to many states and different countries harvesting big game trophy animals. When Justin is not hunting he enjoys spending time with his family, shooting his bow, and preparing for the upcoming hunting seasons.

Stefon Pizzuto

Hunting Consultant

Stefon Pizzuto is a hunter, fisherman, and avid outdoorsman from the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Growing up in the rural town of Nazareth, home of the Andretti racing family and Martin Guitars, Stefon spent much of his youth exploring the woods with his father, making latest memories through hunting, fishing, and trapping. Stefon’s true passion is found in bow hunting, especially African plains game, where he has successfully harvested five record book animals.
When he is not sitting in a tree stand or stalking his latest quarry, Stefon can be found playing bass guitar in various local and regional acts, as well as serving as worship leader in Journey Hunts owner Matt Guedes’ church, The Journey. Stefon and his wife Dawn still reside in the Lehigh Valley, along with their daughter Zoe.

Tanner Filchner

Hunting Consultant

Tanner was born and reared in Northeast Pennsylvania. After his father, Jason, and his godfather, Craig, introduced him to the outdoors, Tanner took an early interest in the hunting lifestyle. After many years in Pennsylvania’s Mentored Youth Program, he was able to take on the hunter’s role behind his Remington .270 rifle. It was not until his teenage years that he became captivated with the art of bow-hunting. Before meeting Matt, Tanner met Matt’s father, Manny, who was his high school football coach. When Matt’s son, Tekoah, moved to Pennsylvania to play high school football, he and Tanner quickly became best friends. After his senior year of high school, Tanner went on an elk hunt in Colorado where he met Matt and the entire Guedes family. Tanner spent an extensive amount of time with the Guedes family after their decision to move to Pennsylvania. Matt became a mentor and father-figure to Tanner. He has worked and hunted alongside Matt in South Africa, as well in Pennsylvania. Tanner works in the natural gas industry. In his free time, Tanner loves to engage in outdoor activities including hiking, shed hunting, fishing, and many others. He also volunteers at Camp Freedom, a nonprofit organization that helps disabled veterans explore their love for the outdoors. 

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