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We will take care of your entire trip from plane tickets until we get your trophy home.

Matt’s integrity and character are the backbone of his success and are what makes Journey Hunts your most reliable resource for each and every hunt that your desire to go on.



Time is the greatest commodity in life. We all seem to run short of it. With that being the case Journey Hunts does the heavy lifting for you by taking care of your hunt from helping you book your flights with our dedicated travel agent to getting your head, horns, and hides safely back home. We use our experience and connections to assure you a hassle free trip of a lifetime. The best part is that our services are FREE to you.

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The birth of Journey Hunts was one that came about slowly through much thought, diligent research, and severe disappointment. Within the outfitting world, just like within any business area, there are those outfitters who are excellent, those who are good, and those who are very poor. After years of hunting anywhere that I possibly could and after many great experiences, I finally had that one terrible experience.

I went on a hunt of a lifetime. Although the hunt and outfitter were both excellent, the booking agent that I had gone through was terrible. We were promised things that never happened and worse yet, we were asked to pay things that were never clearly laid out. My dream hunt was still a dream on most parts, but it took a huge toll on my wallet.

I suppose that I have been blessed more than others. My bad experience simply cost me more money than I ever imagined. Some have had experiences that are far worse and well beyond mine. However, when I was flying home from my hunt gone astray, I decided that I was going to build a business that would assure hunters of knowing all the information they needed up front, only dealing with time proven and tested outfits around the globe, and doing everything within my power to give them their dream hunt.

That being said, we all know that there are still factors that can spiral out of control due to uncontrollable circumstances. I have found that if I take care of everything that I can possibly do in order to inform, educate, and prepare the hunters that are hunting with Journey Hunts, then the occurrences of surprises or other incidents are minimized. With all these factors in mind, I have slowly built a clientele and a group of optimal outfitters for some of the great species of our globe.

I now invite you to let me do the hard work of delivering the right place, the right outfitter, the best game, and minimize the risk for you so that you may simply enjoy the ride. Kick back and relax while I find you the destination hunts of a lifetime.

This is the most important question that you can ask yourself, “Why do I need a hunting consultant or booking agent?” The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. This question needs to have much examination in order to recognize just how important a hunting consultant can be in your decision making process.

Reason #1 – Time
The greatest commodity in the world is time. We may think it is money or material goods, but the truth of the matter is that it is time. Each one of us has created a world with limited available time. Because that is true, Journey Hunts has created the time necessary to do the full research that you will need in order to know you are going on the right hunt.

Our team does all the research on any hunt that we offer. We either have been to that outfit or are only one touch away from a trusted source that has been on that hunt. We research the owners, the finances, the species being hunted, the percentages of success and opportunity and many other aspects of the hunt. When you allow Journey Hunts to come by your side, you have eliminated most of the time you would have to invest into the research portion of your hunt.

Reason #2 – Experience
Experience goes a long way in the hunting world. Although our team is not ancient in age, it is rich in experience. We have assembled a team of trusted outdoorsman and women who love hunting. Because our team is driven by a passion for hunting and because they simply love the process of a hunt, we simply share our experience with you.

Experience is a great provider of life lessons. There are good lessons and lessons that are not so good. Our experience afield translates into less bad lessons and more good lessons for your hunting choices. We eliminate a large portion of the problems you will face on hunts simply by and through our experience.

Reason #3-Cost
Here is the area that has been greatly misunderstood in the world of the booking agent or hunting consultant. Most people believe that they will pay more because of using a booking agent or hunting consultant. This is not true. In fact sometimes it is quite the opposite of reality.

When you use Journey Hunts you will NEVER pay more than when you book directly with an outfitter. The reality is that we often negotiate even better pricing than you can get because of our ability to bring a greater number of hunters to the outfitter.

You don’t pay us. We make no direct money from you. We simply have negotiated a percentage or sometimes hunts as a payment from the outfitter for bringing them clients. You hunt is the same cost or less and we get paid for our services from the outfitter. It is that simple.

Reason #4 – Networking
If at this point you are still wondering why you might need a hunting consultant’s help, this is the reason that should solidify it in your mind. We have the ability because of the number of outfitters and industry personnel we know to network in ways that most hunters just don’t have access to. We have a team and that team has deep networks within the world of hunting. We often find out first about great hunts and first about hunts to avoid.

This point translates into you being able to be on the best hunts for a given species in the world. It often translates into you avoiding some of the poor outfits and money traps that do exist in the outdoor world. Through our extensive network we eliminate the bad and often find the good well in advance of a TV show or magazine article.

Reason #5 – Damage Control
This is a key aspect of what we bring to the table for you. We have been able to control the amount of damage you may encounter on a given trip when you choose to book one without us. You have likely heard the nightmare stories of hunts gone badly. It happens far too often.

We are able to use our network, our experience, and our time to eliminate most of the pitfalls of a hunt gone badly. We do everything within our power to assure you of a great hunt and an enjoyable experience. This does not eliminate the possibility of something going wrong as there are still things like weather or unavoidable accidents that may still occur. We just remove the majority of problems from occurring that you may encounter when not using us to book your hunt.

Reason #6- Quality Control
If you have saved for a year or many years to go on your dream hunt then you have sacrificed time, effort, and finances. By doing so you have placed yourself at the mercy of your ability to assure yourself of a great hunt. Many have done so before you and have been greatly disappointed. Hunting is still hunting. Weather occurs, animals move from an area, winter kills happen, and sometimes hunting skill comes into play. With all that being true, we have weeded through the vast array of outfitters for the species we offer and have only brought to you the best in their given field.

We have offered you a connection with outfitters and safari owners along with some great do-it-yourself trespass fee hunts that meet our high standard of satisfaction. It is our goal to give you the best of the best at Journey Hunts.

Reason #7- Support
One of the biggest problems with a hunt is often finding support once issues arise and problems come up. At Journey Hunts we are available to walk through the entire process with you from booking your hunt to booking your airfare to helping you figure out how much you should tip your guide. We don’t just get you to book a hunt with us and then leave you hanging in the wind.

The resource of our experience really pays off in the overall plan of your hunt. As we support you in any and every way you need, we save you time and money while we help you maximize your hunt experience. Our support is second to none and we are there to serve you.

The final reason of using Journey Hunts is really a summation of the service we provide. We provide you with our time, our experience, our ability to find the best hunts of any given species, our support throughout your entire experience at no additional cost to you. We will walk you through the process of your hunt to allow you to simply enjoy your dream hunt problem free. If problems do arise we are there to help you solve the problem and continue on your hunt.

We have carved a niche in the industry of hunting as a service to you. We do so with honesty, integrity, and character as we realize our name is on the line each and every day. In a day and age of social media when everything goes viral, especially that which is bad, we have no fear because we will only treat you according to how we live our lives on a daily basis. We live with a service mentality and now we bring that approach to you.

When we can’t do something, we tell you. When we can do something, we also tell you. When something goes wrong, we admit it if it is our issue and if it is not, we help you through it. When all goes well, which is the norm, we humbly accept your thanks. In a time when there are more hunts available than ever, when there are more corrupt outfits out there than ever, and when there is the ability for every outfit to make themselves look great whether it is true or not, you simply need Journey Hunts. Let us come to work for you so that you can kick back and enjoy your dream hunt of a lifetime.

Building Memories

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