Argentina Patagonia Back country red stag hunt

Animal: Red Stag

Duration: 7 days

Weapon: Archery or Rifle

Guide: 1×1

Season: January to August

Location: Argentina, Patagonia

Cost: $6,200 Per Hunter 1 stag

$9,200 Per Hunter 2 stags

If you are looking for the perfect backcountry hunt then you need to look no further. This adventure hunt will take you into the backcountry of the Patagonia of Argentina to chase Red Stags in one of the most beautiful settings int he World.

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The Patagonia Mountains are home to some incredible Red Stags. This location will be one of the most beautiful hunting destinations that you will ever experience. You can hunt 1 stag or 2 stags on this backcountry adventure hunt. This hunt is not for those who are out of shape or don’t have a great resolve. For those who want to really hunt a truly wild free range red stag then this is your hunt.

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