Baja Surf and Turf Combination

Animal: Fish and Goat

Duration: 7 days

Weapon: Rifle

Guide: 1×1

Season: April, May, June, August, October

Location: Baja, Mexico

Cost: $2800 Per Hunter

This trip into the Baja of Mexico gives you the best of both worlds of Journey Hunts adventures. You will fish incredible waters with our outfitter while also getting to chase goats in the hills for a great hunt adventure. Baja Surf and Turf is Fishing and Hunting together,

Fishing and Hunting together Journey

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This trip combines the best of both worlds. Three fishing days and 2 hunting days allows you to experience the full offerings of Baja in both fishing and hunting. You will get into many species of fish and then get to hunt feral goats. You also will stay at a great place with good food and culture for ONLY $2,800.

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