Baja’s Ultimate Water Experience Fishing Trip

Animal: Fish

Duration: 7 days

Guide: 1×1

Season: Ask for specific dates

Location: Baja, Mexico

Cost: $2,000 Per Fisherman

This Fishing trip experience has a bit of everything included in it. You will spearfish, bait cast, and troll for the multiple species that Baja offers. Baja Fishing by Spear is an exciting Journey & Fishing Trip

Moose & Bear Journey

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Talk about an all around destination trip. This Baja Fishing Experience is well rounded for sure. You will spend 4 days fishing inland and offshore in the boat and then have 1 day to spear fish.  If you have never spear fished do not fret because our outfitter has all the gear and will train as a part of the package. This is one of the best price trips that you can find for what you get. It is right outside of Los Cabos.

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