East Siberia Taimen Fishing


Duration: 7 days

Guide: Fully guided

Season: September and other times available

Location: East Siberia, Russia

Cost: $5,250 Per Fisherman

Cost: $4,150 Per Fisherman if group of 6

If you love fishing and adventure then this trip into East Siberia will accomplish both desires. The Taimen in this part of the world are massive and abundant. You will have a trip of a lifetime and see some beautiful water and countryside.


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Fishing is one thing. Taimen Fishing is a totally different type of fishing. These giant fish are in abundance in the areas that our outfitter takes to the water in East Siberia. This trip is priced right, especially if you build a group, to have a fishing adventure of a lifetime. Take off and head to East Siberia for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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