East Siberia Okhotsk Snow Sheep Hunt

Animal: Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Duration: 10 days

Weapon: Rifle

Guide: 1×1

Season: August and September

Location: East Siberia, Russia

Cost: $15,000 Per Hunter

Second Sheep for $5,000 

Combine with Yukutsk Snow Sheep for $22,000

Moose & Bear Journey

Let the Journey Begin...

Are you ready?

Snow Sheep hunting requires some excellent physical condition along with a great drive to get it done. Hunting in East Siberia for the Okhotsk Snow Sheep is not easy but it is rewarding. This hunt will take you into the pristine mountains of East Siberia and you will have an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t wait too long to book this hunt becuase it is very limited in number.

Life’s a journey, not a destination…