Idaho Elk and Mule Deer Combination Hunt

Animal: Elk and Mule Deer

Duration: 8 days

Guide: 1×1 or 2×1

Season: September 15th to November 11th

Location: Idaho

1×1 Cost: $7,100 Per Hunter

2×1 Cost: $5,500 Per Hunter


Elk & Deer Journey

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Our exclusive operating area for this hunt is one of the largest in Idaho and is located inside the largest wilderness area in the lower 48. It is some of the most beautiful, remote, rugged country you will ever experience. We provide great mountain stock and guides that will do whatever it takes, but you need to be able to cover the country to be successful.

After your trophy is down, the field processing, caping and trophy preparation will be taken care of by your guide ( all of our guides have been trained by an award winning taxidermist). Arrive back at camp for a great dinner and relaxation where you can share your stories of the day with the other hunters. This is true western wilderness hunting at its finest.

This is a combination hunt and once you have your elk and deer we will go after anything else you have tags for. We can set bait for bears, and we especially like to call wolves and coyotes. There are no additional costs or trophy fees. We just love to hunt.

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