South Africa Abundant Africa 10 Animal Safari


1. Kudu or Nyala or Giraffe

2. Eland

3. Gemsbok or Blue Wildebeest

4. Waterbuck or Red Hartebeest

5. Zebra

6. Impala


8. Duiker or Steenbok

9 and 10. 2 Baboon or Monkey

Duration: 10 days

Weapon: Archery or Rifle

Guide: 1×1

Season: April to November

Location: South Africa, Limpopo Province

Cost: $11,999 Per Hunter (normal price for this package is $14,150)

This hunt is the ultimate Safari of a lifetime. We named it Abundant Africa because this 10 animal package is truly incredible. You will hunt 10 species of Plains Game animals in 10 days and have a hunt that will never be forgotten.

Abundant African Safari Journey

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If you are a go big or go home kind of hunter then this is the ultimate package safari just for you. This hunt will allow you to take 10 animals in 10 days and it is all-inclusive. At our longest standing safari you will be treated like a king. Great food, great lodging, great services, and animals like you can’t even dream of. Book this safari now.

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