South Africa Package Hunt #3

Animal: 1 Springbok

1 Kudu or 1 Eland

1 Impala or 1 Blesbok

Duration: 7 days or 10 days

Weapon: Archery or Rifle

Guide: 1×1 or 2×1

Season: April to November

Location: South Africa, Northern Cape


7 day Safari

1×1 $5,500 per hunter

2×1 $4,950 per hunter

10 day Safari

1×1 $6,750 per hunter

2×1 $5,950 per hunter

Additional species may be taken off of the price list.

This 4 animal safari is capped off with either a kudu or an eland. You can spend 10 wonderful days on the safari taking these 4 animals plus adding on any other species you may see along the way. This is a flexible start-up package featuring a choice of one of the two most sought-after plains game species.

Kudu & Eland Journey

Let the Journey Begin...

Are you ready?

With really unlimited options this all-inclusive package hunt gets off and running with a large species and then two smaller species. From there your choices will be wide open as you sit on a water hole and look at 100’s of animals coming in front of you or as you drive in the safari truck over miles of beautiful terrain choosing your quarry. The Northern Cape is ready for you.

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