South Africa Package Hunt #6 Springbok Slam

Animal: 1 Common Springbok

1 Black Springbok

1 White Springbok

1 Copper Springbok

Duration: 7 days or 10 days

Weapon: Archery or Rifle

Guide: 1×1 or 2×1

Season: April to November

Location: South Africa, Northern Cape


7 day Safari

1×1 $4,850 per hunter

2×1 $4,250 per hunter

10 day Safari

1×1 $6,100 per hunter

2×1 $5,200 per hunter

Additional species may be taken off of the price list.

Some hunters spend years trying to accomplish the Springbok Slam in Africa and we want you to do it in just 7 days. This hunt will give you the option to take all 4 Springboks in one excellent Safari and you can add to it any other animal you would like to hunt.

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The coveted Springbok Slam can be accomplished in just one stop with our Safari in the Northern Cape. This 4 species incredibly reasonable hunt is a must for any serious plains game hunter. You can add on any other species you want as you spend your days on safari being catered to by one of the best in the world.

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