South Africa Spiral Slam Safari


1. Kudu

2. Eland

3. Nyala

4. Bushbuck

5. Baboon or Monkey

Duration: 10 days

Weapon: Archery or Rifle

Guide: 1×1

Season: April to November

Location: South Africa, Limpopo Province

Cost: $10,300 Per Hunter (normal pricing is $12,300 for this package)

One of the great pursuits in Africa is the coveted Spiral Slam. The Kudu, Eland, Bushbuck, and Nyala make up the Spiral Slam and this package is all inclusive for that hunt. You will be on Safari at our longest standing Outfitter in South Africa and you will want to come back time and time again.

Spiral Slam Journey

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One of the great accomplishments in the African landscape is the Spiral Slam. This safari means that you take one each of the 4 spiral horned species of South Africa and we offer you the opportunity to do it all at one time. This trip to our longest standing safari will have you catered to like a king and you will not want to come home. The Spiral Slam is yours for the taking.

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