Spain Gredos Ibex Hunt

Animal: Gredos Ibex

Duration: 4 days

Weapon: Archery, Rifle

Guide: 1×1

Season: October-June

Location: Spain, Europe


Representative for $4,995 Euros

Bronze for $6495 Euros

Silver for $7,675 Euros

Gold for $9370 Euros

Moose & Bear Journey

Let the Journey Begin...

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This 4 day/ 3 night hunt will be a hunt you will not forget. You can take this hunt any time from October 1st to December 15th and from January 15th to June 15th. This Ibex hunt will take you into some of the amazing Spanish countryside. You will hunt with your English speaking guide and will be hunting with one of the world’s best outfits. You have 5 classifications that you can choose to hunt from:


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