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What has happened in the blind market over the past 5-7 years has been extraordinary.  The expansion on the types of blinds, the material of blinds, and manufacturers of blinds has been mind-boggling.  There seems to be a blind for any and all types of hunting.

This marketplace explosion has also led to a very profitable product in which everyone in the industry wants a benefit.  For the average hunter, the problem that arises is that the cost for all the types of blinds one supposedly needs is outside of their entire hunting budget.  That has caused many hunters to buy overpriced blinds that under deliver or to spend more money on several blinds thinking that is their only way to cover their variety of hunting situations.

The ultimate blind would be a blind that was quiet, light, inexpensive, strong, portable, semi – permanent, on the ground, in the air, scent protected, uv protected, had accessories, and also was easy to put up.  That is exactly what SmithWorks Outdoors has been able to create in their new Comfort Quest Hunting Blind line.

The Comfort Quest Hunting Blind from SmithWorks Outdoors is one of the most complete blinds on the market.  This new concept in blinds has created a stir within the outdoor world and is starting to gain market share immediately.  Because of the quality of this blind, it will only continue to increase.

The Comfort Quest Hunting Blind is the creation of Dave Smith.  Dave found himself dissatisfied with the selection of stands and blinds in 2006 and started the process that produced over 15 prototypes.  After three years of testing and hunting out of these early prototypes, the 4×4 Comfort Quest Hunting Blind was created and then in 2010 the 4×6 was added to the line.  In that same year, the Comfort Quest Sport Chair was also created and released.  This year the accessories continue to grow and with the available remote controlled LED light, screen mesh window package, vinyl window package, and the hook and shelf package.  SmithWorks has everything you need to complete your blind.

The Comfort Quest Hunting Blind is different right from the get go.  The exterior material that is used on these blinds is a highly water resistant 600 denier polyester fabric that keeps out the wind and rain and also resists deterioration.   It is also flame retardant.  The seams are all double stitched and they chose to use only YKK zippers.  SmithWorks decided to go with a very universal camouflage and chose Next Camo G-1 to be that pattern.  The inside of the material is black to give a black out effect and to further conceal the hunter.

The frame for these blinds is lightweight, but very strong.  The black powder coated aluminum frame is built to last.  You can easily set it up in just minutes with its well thought out connection system of friction fit nylon connectors.  It is light enough for one person to easily handle, but also tough enough to last for many seasons.   The height at the peak of these blinds is also 6’6” and allows for even the tallest of hunters to have plenty of room.

Each and every one of these blinds comes with two optional window selections.  The first is a shoot through mesh system that adds concealment while also allowing the ability to shoot through the mesh.  The second option is the vinyl window system that allows protection from wind, rain, and the cold while also preventing some scent from leaving the blind.  Both the mesh and vinyl window systems are easily attached with the clever magnetic system that SmithWorks created.  There are already positioned and sewn in magnets with each and every blind.  Magnets come with the window sets that attach the mesh or the vinyl to the inside of the blind for easy attachment and removal.  These windows also can be opened and closed to give you 360 degree shooting in many different configurations.

2-zipperedWindowsThe versatility of this blind system is quite incredible.  It has a Ground Blind Frame that allows the hunter to use it as a simple ground blind.  You simply attach the ground blind frame to the upper frame system and then you instantly have a stable ground blind ready for use.  The company has plans for a 12’ elevated stand that is simply made and allows the same 4×4 or 4×6 blind to be easily elevated and ready to hunt on the platform at 12’ above the ground.  Both of these uses are portable in the sense that they are easily put up and taken down.  But because of the great quality of these blinds, they are really semi permanent and can even be used as permanent stands if that is your preference.

One of the best features of these blinds is that they breakdown and fit into one strong and durable carrying bag. The bag comes with straps so that one person can easily carry the blind with its components into the woods for best positioning.  At just 29 lbs, it is a very manageable weight for just about any hunter.  Once in position, you can break out the components and in minutes have this blind set up and ready for hunting with all of its great features for a long one day or an entire season of hunting.

SmithWorks Outdoors has teamed up with many great retailers so that you can find their products available no matter where you live.  You can also buy these blinds online at their own website .  The 4×4 blind is rightly priced at $349.99 and the 4×6 Magnum version is priced at $479.99. At these prices, you are able to get an all in one type blind that will give you means to hunt many years, in many different terrains, and set ups all with one purchase.

Since I found this blind a couple years ago, I have been putting it to the test.  Not only has the blind passed the test in every possible way, but the company has also passed the test.  They have proven themselves to be true to their mission statement that states: SmithWorks Outdoors delivers ultimate outdoor products that guarantee well thought out design, quality construction, and uncompromised value for discriminating outdoorsmen.  They also have been true to their value statement which is: Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work, Innovative Design, and Unequaled Service.

Whether you are hunting in the East or the West, the North or the South, in hardwoods or sage flats, on the ground or in the air, the Comfort Quest Hunting Blind by SmithWorks Outdoors is the blind for your need.  This new and innovative blind in both the 4×4 and 4×6 versions has everything you need in order to have a very enjoyable and successful hunt in any season and in any part of the world.  I highly recommend this blind for your personal hunting use, outfitter hunting use, or just for bird watching or animal watching.  You can learn all you need to learn about the blinds and the company at their website at or you can contact me directly at  or