The Bear Anarchy HC is an incredible offering in their tremendous line of bows. I now have two of the Anarchy HC’s set up at a 30” draw length and 70 pounds and the results have been the same. I sighted both of these bows in from 20 to 80 yards in under 20 minutes. Bear states that “the new Anarchy HC is a deadly hunting bow with the feel, accuracy, and satisfaction of a target bow” and I have found that to be true. With a very forgiving brace height of 7.25 inches and a length of 35.5 inches, this bow hits the mark over and over again.

The double hybrid cam design provides an incredibly smooth draw and still produces blazing speed with an IBO speed of 330 fps. This Bear Archery bow feels great in the hand just like the others that Bear has to offer. There is virtually no hand shock at all and even though this bow is long axle to axle, it is still light for a target accurate bow at just 4 pounds. This should be the bow that you take in the woods no matter what you are hunting.

The Anarchy HC currently comes in 5 colors: Realtree APG, Realtree APS, Shadow Series, RedBlack Series, and GreenBlack Series. This selection allows you to customize your bow to give you the look you desire while cranking out speed, accuracy, and no shock in your hands. I suggest going to your local Bear Archery Dealer and shooting one of these stellar bows right away. Be sure to outfit your bow with Trophy Ridge accessories and Rocket Broadheads.