By: Matt Guedes

I have been so blessed the past few years to travel all around the globe to hunt various game and have incredible experiences beyond the hunt.  I have been to eight countries during that time and will be going to three new countries this year:  Russia, Namibia, and Greenland.  All this travel and experience has caused me to examine what it is that I must have on every trip no matter where I am traveling or what I will be hunting. 

The products on this list are my must have, no compromise products that make every trip I take because they have become so valuable to me and my hunting expeditions.  This is my “Don’t Leave Home Without Them” list.

The first product is my cache of Bear Archery Bows.  Whether I am traveling with my BR-33,  Arena 30,  Take Down Recurve, or any other bow, they all come from Bear Archery.  I have had huge success with my Bear Archery Bows all around the globe which make them a must have for every trip that I take as long as bow hunting is legal in that country.

My next product is my quiver full of Black Eagle Arrows.  Depending on which bow I take determines which arrows I will choose for the trip.  I take my Deep Impacts for most of my bows, but occasionally it is my Rampage arrows for dangerous game and very large species.   Sometimes I use Vintage arrows for my Take Down Recurve.  Black Eagle Arrows has an arrow for every scenario and bow.  They are a must take for all my trips.

My arrows are only as effective as the broadheads they are propelling.  I enjoy shooting several of Grim Reaper’s Broadheads and I am even shooting some of their expandables after many years of only shooting fixed blades.  Grim Reaper makes some of the best broadheads on the market and they have a broadhead for every  hunting challenge you may face.  I have taken over 20 animals now with these broadheads and the performance is outstanding.  They must be with me.

Another product that makes my list “Don’t Leave Home Without Them” is my Vortex Optics. I never travel without at least my Vortex Binos and my Vortex Ranger Range Finder.  Vortex makes some incredible products that are priced very well for all hunters of all budgets and they must be on my trips.  I can’t tell you how many animals I have harvested with great credit going to these optics.

To carry my optics and my gear I always turn to Tenzing Outdoors. Whether it is my OSS15 Bino Suspension System, my TZ 2220 pack for my day hunts and trips, or my CF Legend to get it done on those longer trips and meat pack out trips, Tenzing has a pack for my every use here is the US and when I travel abroad. Tenzing has me prepared by keeping my gear protected and ready for use.

My Salomon boots make each and every trip with me no matter where I am going.  I have many different boots, trail sneakers, running shoes, and other shoes from Salomon and they all perform wonderfully.  Because of that I  wear their shoes during my travel to and from these many locations and I always wear them while hunting.

My Xulon Apparel is a newly founded member of my must have gear for each and every trip. Xulon, which uses the FIG Camo pattern, gives me perfect concealment in any circumstance and is made of the best materials available.  The construction of these hunting garments are the best I have ever worn. This gear will become a long standing asset to my trips.

My GoPro cameras have been on literally every trip I have taken for the past 4 years.  I love the ability to film some extra footage or to gain footage when I hunt solo and simply mount the Sportman’s Mount from GoPro with two cameras on it right to my bow.  I use many of their accessories and cameras.  I am looking forward to using their Karma Drone and accessories soon.

Wilderness Athlete products make every trip with me.  At a minimum I take Hydrate and Recover and Energy and Focus all the time. Their packets of each of these two products makes it ideal for travel use. When I am hunting at altitude I also take along Altitude Advantage.  When I have some space in my luggage their daily vitamin goes with me also.

Because I do quite a bit of filming on most hunts and I definitely am glassing with my binos and spotting scopes, I always pack my Outdoorsman’s Tripod System.  I  take the Outdoorsman’s Tall Tripod with my accessories so that I can glass with my binos and my spotting scope. I also use it for filming.  This system is ingenious and is a must on all of my trips.

The last product I take on all of my trips is actually on my phone.  It is an app that has become a part of my set up for my bows and I have it always available in case I have a problem with my sights. The app is Full Flight Technology’s Uno Archery App. This app allows you to sight in quickly and efficiently by inputting your arrow speed, vane type, and peep measurement.  The app displays the pin locations for your set up. You put your phone behind your sight, line up the pins, and you are ready to go.  I use it at home, but have it on my phone for any in the field issues.

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