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By: Matt Guedes
By: Matt Guedes

I have always been a fixed broadhead guy. I always have wanted one set up for my Bear Archery bows that I am able to use to hunt just about everything in the world.  I know that for Dangerous Game of Africa I needed a different set up because of their regulations, but other than those few animals I have always wanted one set up for everything else. To have that set up and feel confident on some of the bigger game animals of North America and the rest of the world, a fixed broadhead is the best option.

I have found two fixed broadheads out there that I love to shoot.  The one that I will write about today is the Hades Broadhead by Grim Reaper.  This broadhead is offered in 85, 100, and 125 grain options.  I shoot the 100 grain version because it is perfect for my set up.  I have been able to put this broadhead into a large variety of animals in the last 2 years and have had picture perfect performance each and every time.

The Hades by Grim Reaper.
The Hades by Grim Reaper after going through a trophy animal.

Grim Reaper states about the Hades: Both back and front edges of blade sharpened! Cuts both directions. .035″ thick MAXX EDGE SS blades neck down to .020″ and sharpened for maximum strength and maximum sharpness. V-notched trocar steel tip. 4-point internal blade locking system.

All that means is that it is made strong and made to create blood trails.  The slogan of Watch Em Drop is not just a slogan, but a reality for these broadheads.  Last year I shot a 300+ Saskatchewan Black Bear at 22 yards with the Hades tip being shot out of my Bear Archery Take Down Recurve on the end of a Black Eagle Arrows Outlaw arrow and that bear only went 60 yards.  The blood trail was the best one I have ever seen on a bear since they often don’t show great blood trails because the blood gets caught up in there thick hair.  There was blood on both sides of this animal spread out about a foot on each side.  I couldn’t believe the amount of blood and it was done with traditional archery equipment.  You can watch this hunt and see the performance of this broadhead firsthand.


You can also see the performance of the Hades Broadhead on my daughter Baylee’s set up in Africa from last summer.  Baylee was shooting just over 40 pounds on her Bear Archery Rumor bow with Black Eagle Arrows Pink Outlaw arrows and a 100 grain Hades Broadhead. She had incredible blood trails.  Even on a few shots that were not perfect, she was still able to recover the animals because of the amount of damage done by this broadhead. You can watch one of her hunts .


Just two weeks ago I had a client who was a new archery hunter come with me on a bear hunt to Saskatchewan.  As Blake was working on his set up he inquired of me about his broadhead choice.  I suggested the Hades to him. After shooting several broadheads he decided to go with the Hades.  I was filming him when he shot a beautiful black bear at 20 yards.  The bloodtrail was incredible and that bear went about 60 yards.  The amount of blood is evident. You can see that hunt .

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