Ripcord has been making the best Arrow Rest on the market for many years now. Ripcord also prides themselves on only making one rest because they simply make the best one. The Ripcord Code Red has been at the top of the market since its inception.

Now Ripcord has decided that it was time for a second rest to launch into the marketplace. Keith and Don Dvoroznak have released another masterpiece in the new Ripcord S.O.S.

S.O.S. stand for Sustained Optimized Support and that translates into a delayed fall away rest that will maximize your arrow performance.

I recently put a new Ripcord SOS onto my new Mathews Chill. I loved the look of the new rest and was eager to put it to the test. I quickly realized that this new Ripcord was every bit as special as the Code Red while really working exactly the opposite of it. The new Ripcord® S.O.S. features a delayed fall-away. This allows the rest to add stability to your arrow before the rest falls. There are several situations where this can be beneficial including light draw weights, excessive draw lengths, nock-travel issues, clothing interference.

My 30 inch arrow draw length is not necessarily excessive, but it fit the bill for a try at the SO.S. I have been nothing but satisfied with the performance of this new rest. I have been able to easily get set up and sighted in with the S.O.S. It has been perfect every step of the way.

This new rest connects to the upward cable on your bow. Because the cable actually pulls the rest down, there is no bounce back and has perfect performance. The delayed fall brings maximum stability to your arrow and the gray overmolding eliminates the need for moleskin. Ripcord has done it again. I suggest you go down to your local archery shop and get a Ripcord S.O.S. to place on your favorite bow immediately.