In many places the option to hunt at night does not exist.  In other places the option exists for limited species.  I just got back from an African Safari in which there was bait set for Leopard and Hyena.  One of the aspects of hunting this type of game in Africa that is unique is that much of the hunting will happen at night.

I was equipped on this hunt with my Bear Archery Motive 7 bow which was outfitted with my  number one choice, the Spot Hogg 7 pin Hunter Wrapped Sight.  This sight has been on every bow I have shot for the last several years.  I love all of the advantages of this site and the .010 diameter pins that I am able to get for it.  The sight is my choice because it truly is the best hunting sight on the market.

On this trip I had the opportunity to add the Spot Hogg Sight Light to my set up.  In my home state of Colorado it is illegal to have anything battery powered on your bow so I never have used this light before.  I bought one just for this trip because of the potential that would be coming to hunt at night.

The leopards were not coming to the bait because the Impala had plenty of babies in the bush for them to feed on. In spite of that fact, I decided one night to sit in the blind and see if something would come in.  As I sat in pitch blackness, I switched on my Sight Light to the lowest setting.  I could not believe how well I could see at full draw and the way the light performed by highlighting each and every pin.  The pins looked so bright yet they did not lose any of the preciseness that is needed for accurate shooting.

I did not get a shot that night in the blind.  I did not have an opportunity to pull the trigger.  However, I do know that if I would have had the chance to do so, that my Spot Hogg 7 pin Hunter Wrapped Sight with the Sight Light on it would have enabled me to hit the mark.

I am heading back to Africa again in July and I will have my Sight Light with me just in case the night scenario presents itself once again.

IMG_5947 sightlight