In this segment of Journey Hunts Hints I want to give you a hint that I’ve
learned over the years. This segment has to do with hunting right
here in my home state of Colorado. Hunting Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope is a passion for me and
I think there’s one factor that really really gives the hunter the edge that is needed for success.
You know there are many hunters with good equipment. There are many hunters who who have the ability to
travel in many different places to hunt. But when it comes down to it, I believe one of the
separating factors that separates hunters who are in the woods hunting
and those who are in the woods hunting and actually harvest, is time afield. If you’re going on this
five-day hunt for Mule Deer then I suggest you hunt five long days. If you’re going on any hunt
and you have an opportunity to hunt all the days of the hunt and you spend some
of those days back in camp or are exhausted because you didn’t prepare physically
prior to the hunt then you’re missing an opportunity to harvest. I believe over the years one
of my areas of success, when it comes to mule deer and elk hunting, has to do with
this factor. I put time in the woods and time in the woods is the number one factor that I
believe separates a good hunter from a great hunter. Not every hunter has the opportunity
to extend their days in the field but the more days in the field one has, the more their
opportunity increases. There are many people that can shoot their bow and shoot
their guns. There are many people that understand hunting and the details of
the animals they hunt. You can know all of this information but if
you don’t spend time in the woods you’re not going to have as many opportunities to take an animal.
There is your Journey Hunts Hint with Matt Guedes and it is spend your maximum time
in the woods on each and every hunt. You can get on facebook and you can sit at home and watch
TV. You can do all those things later.Don’t waste your time on a hunt. Put your time in when you
have the opportunity and hunt a massive amount of hours.