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European Outfitter notified Journey Hunts about a last minute hunt for Austrian Alpine Ibex due to a cancellation. This is your chance!

This hunt usually takes waiting 3 to 5 years after you decide you want to hunt this species in order to get a permit.  We have been offered one permit for an Austrian Alpine Ibex due to a cancellation of up to 80cm for 15,500 Euros!!!  From 81 to 95 cm it is an additional 230 Euros per cm and from 96 cm up it is an additional 575 Euros per cm.  This hunt needs to take place from September 12th to October 2nd.  If you cannot go during that time but want this hunt they have a one time exception to move the permit forward to next year as long as you make a 50% deposit. Who will capitalize on this rare opportunity to hunt an Alpine Ibex? Contact Journey Hunts 

Call Matt now to book this hunt  970-986-0730