533896_563968903655426_1857081105_nBecause I am such a huge fan of so many of Wilderness Athlete’s products I decided to take on the 28 Day Challenge. This choice came as I noticed a bit of excess weight and sensed the urgency of the upcoming Mule Deer and Elk Archery Seasons in Colorado. I needed to shed a few pounds and to do so on a very limited time frame. I had a few weeks and limited time to work out due to other commitments.

Wilderness-Athlete-logoI am 44 years old and spend all year in the outdoors. In the past I have been able to stay on top of my workouts and stay in good shape. This year I took on a new website as I expanded my hunting consultant business, www.journeyhunts.com , and I also was promoted in my current job to a much higher level of responsibility and therefore additional hours. It is a unique year and I needed a fresh approach to losing a few pounds.

In my first 7 days I was down 5 pounds. I followed the simple program utilizing the great products of Wilderness Athlete and the pounds came off quickly. I currently am at 10 days and have lost 8 pounds. I have been surprisingly not hungry and have liked the simple to follow and straight forward plan of the 28 Day Challenge.

28-day-challenge-hires-copy-300x300The healthy approach to this plan is a positive in a marketplace where there are so many quick fix type diet plans that totally disregard health. The false reality of fitness that has been marketed through Hollywood and marketing has led many people astray as they pursue a look without thinking even remotely about their health. Wilderness Athlete has taken a right approach to help anyone in weight maintenance and loss with this great plan. I am excited to see what the next 18 days hold for me as I partner with WA and their 28 Day Challenge.