Being a father of three has been a tremendous experience.  In fact, one of the greatest joys that I have in life is sharing my outdoor lifestyle with my wife and children.  Since my kids have been born they have had the opportunity to hike, be in a treestand, play sports, and just be around and involved in all the outdoor choices that Kelley and I make.

As I have continued to build my outdoor lifestyle over the years, my family has obviously been involved every step of the way.  At this point in time I now have two children that are old enough to hunt in any state in our nation since they are 12 and 13.  Both of them have been able to hunt prior to that in places where a 12 year old age limit was not required.  They have now both harvested multiple animals. My ten year old daughter, Hollis, passed her hunter safety course and will hunt small game this year in Colorado.

My hunts are now shifting from focusing on me as the priority in a hunt to my kids being the focus.  If there is time left over, I get to hunt, too.  I have had no trouble adjusting to this concept even though I love to hunt.  It has been easy because there is a tremendous pleasure in watching all of those years of my experience in the woods come to a culmination of a harvest for the children.  I have found as much excitement in my kids taking down an animal as any that I have ever shot.

In order to maximize our effort we have adopted a lifestyle of pursuing health and being true outdoor athletes.  Although there are seasons where we are more focused on this outdoor athletic lifestyle than at other times, the overall flow of our life is focused on enjoying life, maximizing opportunities, and living well.

As a family we have made Wilderness Athlete’s products a regular part of our life.  From Hydrate and Recovery to Energy and Focus to Green Infusion to Altitude Advantage to Multi-Vitamin, we are all in on these high quality products.  My family has come to love these products and we have seen their results over and over again.  Although I am on staff with Wilderness Athlete, my entire family is a part of our journey with these incredible products.

Whether you hunt, hike, weightlift, cross-train, bike, rock climb, or just like to spend time outdoors, Wilderness Athlete has the products to improve your life and your return.  Turn to Wilderness Athlete in order to get the most of your effort and, in turn, living a healthier version of you.  You can follow Matt on facebook as Matt Guedes and follow his journeys at www.journeyhunts.com