Sponsored by: Journey HuntsGrim Reaper Broadheads & Black Eagle Arrows

By: Baylee Guedes
By: Baylee Guedes

I left for South Africa (SA) July 13th and will be returning August 14th.  It will be my third time in South Africa. It’s always such an amazing trip.

While I was previously there I was able to harvest an impala ram (Rifle/2013), about five warthogs, a blesbok, a steenbok (Bow/2015), and my favorite of them all, a giant male giraffe (Rifle/2015). You can watch some of these hunts at:

I recently just got a new bow: Bear Archery Escape SD.

My father (Matt Guedes, Owner of Journey Hunts) has been helping me sight it in. We had it sighted in from 20 to 60 yards in about 30 minutes. We have to go back in and fine tune it.

On my prior trip to SA I was using my Bear Archery Rumor bow. I was only able to pull back forty pounds which limited my distance shooting with making an ethical kill. This year I will have a better shooting opportunity because I can now shoot fifty pounds on my Escape SD. It should be very exciting, but also trying. The more poundage, the more distance and the more distance, the more consistent you have to be.


Preparing for a month long trip to not only a foreign country, but anywhere, is a hard task. You start packing weeks in advance (at least I do). I always make sure I have my Bear Archery Bow, Black Eagle Arrows, Grim Reaper Broadheads, Ripcord Rest, TruFire Release, and of course, my Trophy Ridge accessories.


I have been setting aside my best arrows for the upcoming hunt. They are tipped with my Grim Reaper Hades broadheads. I have them labeled 1-8. I then have almost a half dozen extra arrows I am packing (just in case).


I will also be taking all of my Girls With Guns (GWG) gear. I will be hunting in their line daily. GWG is such a great company. The people involved are amazing and the gear is made to perfection. I can’t wait to support such an amazing team on this upcoming trip.



Not only will this be a hunting trip for me, but I am getting the opportunity to film for a Prince of Saudi Arabia. He went to Spain with my father in 2015. I’m extremely excited to spend time doing what I love with others that love hunting.

Sponsored by: Journey HuntsGrim Reaper Broadheads & Black Eagle Arrows

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