When Don and Keith Dvoroznak, the Father/Son owners of Ripcord Arrow Rest, put their mind to any task it is a good bet that they will get it done.  That is exactly what they did when they decided to take their combined 70 years of archery experience along with their military history in order to produce the best rest on the market.  The Ripcord Arrow Rest is the best selling rest on the market and the Dvoroznak’s intend on keeping it that way.  The Ripcord Arrow Rest gets all of their attention because they only make one rest.

This rest has performed incredibly well for me over the past few years.  I have been able to arrow Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Buffalo, Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Jackal, Warthog and more all with this awesome rest.  I have shot this rest in 5 degrees and in 100 degrees with perfect performance each and every time.  Because of the repeated performance of this rest, I wanted to share 12 reasons that YOU should consider shooting this product on your bow.

Reason #1 – Arrow Containment System–  Ripcord’s exclusive Arrow Containment System™ features a special “arm” that holds your arrow on the arrow rest at all times, no matter what! You can even turn your bow upside down – the arrow won’t fall off!  This arm allows me to spot and stalk in the Rocky Mountains without ever worrying about my arrow falling off and I am always in the ready position.  When I venture into a tree stand, I again engage the arm and hang my bow so that it is ready to go in a moment’s notice.

Reason #2- Drop Dead Brake System– Ripcord has done extensive testing using high speed photography to show that a key issue in proper arrow clearance is launcher bounce back. Some fall-away rests actually fall away and bounce back in time to clip the vanes on your arrow as it passes by, affecting arrow flight. To eliminate this possibility, Ripcord has designed an internal braking system into the Code Red that eliminates launcher bounce. It is called the DropDead brake and it will give you more consistent flight, tighter groups, and will allow you to more easily tune your bow than a rest that lacks this feature. The DropDead brake, compared to the few others that exist, is simple, foolproof, far more durable, and made of all metal parts so that it will last.  This allows a hunter or shooter to have pinpoint accuracy at all times.

Reason #3- Lightning Fast Fall Away– Code Red’s powerful spring creates a lightning fast fall- away which is essential for today’s ultra fast bows. Faster fall-away compensates for less than perfect form and bow torque by reducing the time your arrow is in contact with the rest.  This aspect of the Ripcord gives the archer the truest flight of their arrow and, therefore, the greatest accuracy.

Reason #4- Flexfit Launch Pad – Ripcord’s all-new Launch Pad is extra-wide so it is much better at catching and cradling your arrow should you let it down. The FlexFit serrated design of the pad allows it to conform to the curved/rounded risers on today’s bows.  This feature literally makes this rest a reality for any bow design.

Reason #5- Slimline Launcher– The Slimline Launcher on the Ripcord Code Red allows you to move the rest inside center shot for optimal tuning without riser interference. It is made of heavy-duty Delrin® so it’s virtually unbreakable!  I have put this launcher to the test in every environment and situation imaginable and it has never broken.  It has remained unscathed from stalking elk in the thickest of Oak Scrub to the brush of South Africa.

Reason #6- Red Over Molding– Ripcord’s soft, red over-molding eliminates noise that may spook a deer or other animal and friction that may affect arrow flight. Not only does it dampen noise, but it also eliminates the need for extra moleskin! This component truly makes this arrow rest silent during the shot.

Reason #7- Shooting Flexibility– Ripcord Code Red allows you to shoot accurately whether the launcher arm is up or down. Normally, it’s cocked into the “up” position before you draw and stays there until you release. If you have to let the arrow down in a hunting situation, our launcher pad catches the arrow and keeps it in position for a follow-up opportunity.  You are always ready to shoot no matter which position the rest is in.

Reason #8- Extremely Quite Operation– The Ripcord is the quietest fall-away arrow rest you’ll ever shoot. An internal damper eliminates any metal-to-metal contact. The Code Red soft over-molding eliminates any hard contact between the arrow and the launcher. All you’ll hear is the bow going off!

Reason #9- Large Windage Adjustment– Ripcord Code Red gives you a wide range
of windage adjustment. It can be fine tuned to fit all bows in all conditions.  This allows you to make sure you are hitting exactly where you want to be.

Reason #10-Three Position Arm– The containment arm on the Ripcord Code Red has three positions so that it fits all bows. It is also slotted with a mortise groove so that the containment arm remains in place even if it gets bumped.  This factor is just another reason the Ripcord Code Red will make your set up the most accurate that it can be.

Reason #11-Unique Offset Cord– Unlike others, Ripcord’s cord is offset so it won’t interfere with your arrow. They have redesigned the oval cord opening for even longer cord life.  I have shot my Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest excessively and my cord still looks brand new.

Reason#12- Easy Installation– Unlike other fall-away arrow rests, you don’t need a bow press or serving to install Ripcord. The exclusive “football clip” fits all cable sizes and is easy to install.  It will literally take you only a few minutes to get your Ripcord Arrow Rest set up and ready to go.

These 12 reasons along with many more are what makes Ripcord Arrow Rest simply the best fall away rest on the market.  When you combine all these factors along with the fact that Don and Keith offer a 100% guarantee on the Ripcord Arrow Rest, you simply have to try one out.  Hunt hard, shoot straight, and be ready with a Code Red.