A very good friend of mine and a Prostaff hunter at my www.journeyhunts.com hunting consultant business has drawn a Colorado high country Mule Deer tag near Silverton, Colorado.  This hunt will take place at altitudes that will be from 10,000 to 14,000 feet.  It will be a tough hunt not only because of the altitude, but also because of the rugged terrain.

Our preparation has already begun by physical conditioning and shooting.  Workouts have increased and in the heat of summer the need for Wilderness Athlete’s Hydrate and Recovery has also increased.  The need for proper hydration is a must at all times and is only heightened in summer time.  We are running and doing so at altitude in order to be prepared for this fall.

This upcoming weekend will be our first scouting trip in preparation for this September’s hunt.  We will travel to Silverton, CO which is about 3 hours from home and begin the process of trying to find some 180”+ high country Mule Deer.  Last year while scouting for my Colorado Mountain Goat I found a huge 200”+ Mule deer at 11,400 feet.  We will begin our scouting in this area.

In order to get ready we will begin our regimen of Altitude Advantage.  We will start taking this incredible product 5 days before we travel in on Friday.  Altitude Advantage is great to be taken with Hydrate and Recovery.  We will take two pills one time a day for those 5 days and then while up at altitude we will take 2 pills 2 times a day in order to avoid Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness.

The Altitude Advantage™ Proprietary Formulation: Gingko, Reishi, Golden Root, Schisandra, Grape Extract has proven to be excellent at preventing Altitude Sickness in many people.  On my Mountain Goat hunt last year I had young man come out from Ohio just days before the hunt and even though he was coming from low altitude and even though he was out of shape through Altitude Advantage he was able to film at 11, 500 without any symptoms of AMS. 

You can buy Altitude Advantage in a 50 capsule bottle from www.wildernessathlete.com for $29.95 or you can get Hy-Altitude Advantage Kit consisting of a 50 capsule bottle and 20 packets of Hydrate and Recovery for $49.95.  Either way you will be prepared for that ascent up to the heights.