If you have had a lifelong dream of hunting Africa, but didn’t think you could afford it, Sediba Nkwe is the place for you.  For the price of a North American Trophy Elk Hunt you will find yourself with 3-7 African trophies. You will also be exposed to the wonders of South Africa and sights that are beyond what you imagined.

Sediba Nkwe, meaning the “watering hole of the Leopard”, is your spot for a perfect bow or gun safari.  Owned and operated by Andre “Vossie” Forster, this Safari is one of three privately owned Game Farms in the entire Northern Province of South Africa. Vossie is assisted by son Dries and daughter Elizma.  They cater to both archery and rifle hunters, so they know what it takes to set up a great camp.

The main camp at Sediba Nkwe is comprised of over 8000 acres. Vossie also has access to many other private concessions throughout the area which assures the hunter of having great opportunity at many trophy species.  Sediba Nkwe also has 1500 acres of property on the Limpopo River, which holds excellent bushbuck, kudu, waterbuck, and more.  This is pure wild Africa. Elephants, crocs, hippos, lions, and leopards roam this area between Botswana and South Africa.  A 300,000 acre non-hunting conservancy lies on the Botswana side making for great hunting on Sediba Nkwe’s side.


When you are hunting at Sediba Nkwe, you will hunt out of permanent blinds which are located over waterholes and salt blocks.   These pit-style blinds are dug into the ground to give you a perfect broadside shot. Shots will be from 15-25 yards maximum.  Expect to see 50-100 animals at the waterholes daily, sometimes more, depending on the season.  If you are strictly gun hunting, you will find yourself on safari traveling the terrain in 4 wheel drive vehicles searching for your quarry.

The staff at Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris is excellent in every area.  The Lodge provides wonderful accommodations along with food that is prepared by their professional chef.  You will find yourself comfortable, well fed, and very safe.

Whether you want to hunt plains game or the big five, Sediba Nkwe is your African destination of success.  Vossie and his staff will enable you to relax and enjoy your hunt and your entire trip in South Africa.

If you desire more information about hunting with Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris you can contact them at matt@journeyhunts.com  www.journeyhunts.com  www.sedibankwe.co.za