I just got back from a great safari with Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris in South Africa. The entire trip was excellent from beginning to end. My friend Chris was able to hunt a mature male Lion that was 6 to 8 years old. He also hunted about 13 other animals. I was with him as a hunting consultant and knew I would only be able to hunt a few days if he finished his hunt.

My primary responsibility on this trip was to make sure that Chris had an experience of a lifetime. That meant that I would do all the preparation work for him. While traveling with him I would make sure there were as few issues as possible and if any did pop up I would find a solution. I would also be filming his hunts. I did end up taking my new Mathews Creed along with me just in case an opportunity for me to hunt occurred.

One of the biggest concerns I have anytime I hunt around the world is the issue of getting my gear to the location of the hunt without any damage. Going to South Africa is no exception. My camera equipment is upwards of $7000 in value and my bow set up is about $1700 in value. I always have a bit of anxiety over my equipment making our destination without being broken or stolen.

On this trip I decided to use Lakewood Products Cases. Lakewood Products, the maker of Extreme Cases for the Sportsman, is a company that I have used for several years now. I love their cases and have been using them in all of my local hunting and on any hunts to which I have been able to drive. Their cases have performed beyond expectation every trip.

This year I would be using their NEW ELITE Style Bowfile which is 18% stronger, yet still lighter than their standard version. This new version of the classic bowfile is also airline approved. I was able to actually take my Mathews Creed and my Mathews Helim in the single Bowfile case. I took off the quivers and the stabilizers and packed in two bows. I added some additional foam padding. Many hunters just pack in their clothing around the bows. This case performed perfectly and both my bows made the trip unscathed. The case not only looked good, but was up to the task of often rough and tumble airline care.

I also took two of their well designed arrow cases that I packed with two dozen arrows tipped with Trufire’s T-1 fixed broadheads. These cases have always been a favorite of mine for the protection of my arrows. The archery accessory case was filled with all my extra pieces and equipment that I might need in a pinch. Every serious archer should be equipped with the combination of the bowfile, the arrow case, and the archery accessory case.

In addition to those cases, I put my Sony Z5U in Lakewood’s Field Camera Case. This case fit my camera and all of my extras with ease. I took my extra batteries, extra tapes, and additional equipment within this one case. The case protected my expensive gear and kept me at ease during my travels. It is a very strong case and is even made with waterproof zippers for ultimate field protection. The Field Camera Case is one that I will use every time I travel with my camera and equipment.

I will not go afield without protecting my gear with Lakewood Products Cases.

Here are the specs and information on the cases I used on this Safari:

C237E-C275E-C245E -ELITE Bowfiles NEW
Starting at: $189.99


The NEW ELITE Style Bowfiles are 18% stronger, yet still lighter than our standard version!

  • Interior box is made of high-strength ABS
  • Has an additional support bracket specifically for hard-handling in travel
  • Compact, yet has excellent arrow storage
  • Holds up to eighteen arrows in bottom compartment
  • True drop in design, allows you to open the top and drop your bow in the case with the quiver on – filled with arrows!
  • Made with foam lined heavy duty material that won’t scratch the inside of your SUV
  • Made for the parallel limb style bows
  • So sturdy you can stand on it
  • Lakewood™ C215 and C255 cases fit inside the C275 and C245′s for more versatility
  • Lakewood™ C255 also fits inside the C237
  • Available for left or right-handed bows (please specify)
  • Colors: True Timber, Black, Pink Camo

C290 – Field Camera Case


  • Designed for field use
  • Adjustable shoulder strap designed to also wrap around a tree for easy access
  • Foam lined throughout for maximum protection
  • Front and top adjustable straps for tree arms and tripods
  • Waterproof zippers keep the elements out
  • Generous zippered side pockets
  • Optional saddle bag