For the past several years I have shot for what many consider to be the top archery company in the world.  I absolutely loved my time with that company and appreciate all that they did for me during that season of my life.  I don’t have a sour word to speak and loved their equipment and their pursuit of excellence.

A few months ago I was approached with the potential to shoot for a “new”, old company.  A company that I had known about because of its heritage, but in truth had known very little about.  However when I spoke to the Marketing Manager, the Pro Staff Manager, and then the President of Bear Archery, I quickly became impressed.  Not impressed with all the history and Fred Bear, I already was with that, but impressed with the vision and fresh direction of the company.

These men have a vision and a path that they are on to move Bear Archery to new levels of success and this success is already taking shape.  Bear has begun to put out better and better bows with top shelf technology and a support structure behind it that is second to none.  I decided that I would at least get one of their bows to shoot it and see what it really is like. I ordered a Motive 7 in 30” draw and 70 pounds to put it to the test.

My service in this order was both professional and very quick.  I was well taken care of initially by Jason Pickerill.  Jason was incredibly helpful as I was making my decisions and remains to be so until today.  Jason sent me to JR Neidlinger and JR helped me put the final plans together.

My bow showed up in short order and it looked awesome.  I am a diehard bow hunter and so looks are good and I enjoy holding a great looking bow in my hands, but I wanted to get shooting it asap.  I got the bow all set up and then it was time to shoot it.  The time was short because I was leaving for Africa in three days and if I liked it I was planning on taking it on the trip.

I walked out to my range and the first shot was very telling.  It was smooth, quiet, and fast.  I couldn’t believe actually just how good it felt in my hands.  The bow was incredibly accurate also.  In fact, I sighted that bow in from 20 – 80 yards in under 45 minutes which the quickest I have ever shot a bow in.  It was right on and it has stayed true since that initial set up. I haven’t had to readjust my sights at all.

I was beginning to really love this bow and it was a weird feeling.  I have never changed companies since I have been shooting professionally and the thought was strange.  I was really feeling like this was going to be a great move for me and my family and my business  but I was torn.  I was torn because loyalty is such a big factor to me.

I left for Africa with two bows in tow.  I had my standby and my new Motive 7.  I still was not sure what route I was going to go. I knew that if I decided to shoot the Bear bow that I would be all in.  I would never mix companies or not shoot what I was sponsored by.  I was past my commitment for the year and so when I finally got to hunt after all our hunters had left and after my son had shot his first 4 African animals, I pulled out the Motive 7.

I sat in the blind that night with great anticipation and excitement over what I knew would be a new change.  I loved the idea but admittedly was nervous also. I would be leaving behind a great company and great sponsor that I had worked with so well.  After much prayer and thought I had come to a pivotal point.  A huge Blue Wildebeest had just walked in and the moment of truth was up. I picked up my Motive 7 and I drew back and it just felt right.  I put my 20 yard pin a bit high since the animals was at 25 yards and I let it fly. My first shot with a Bear bow and I knew I smoked it.  It was a heart shot and I saw the Big Blue hit the ground in about 60 yards and in sight of the blind.  It was done.  I was hooked on Bear.  The history was already there, the new vision and direction was firmly in place, and now I was on board and ready to go.

I came home and informed my former sponsor of my decision.  I contacted the great team at Bear and we agreed to work together as a team.  As for me and my family we will now be Bear Archery people.  So will Journey Hunts.  Thank you Bear for a great start and I am looking forward to making history together.

Bear Archery Motive 7