By Brian Stevens

In 1931 Fred Bear shot his first bow, several years later he became a proficient archer with a passion for the sport. He began hunting all over the globe harvesting trophy animals with his recurve bow and in 1946 started Bear Archery. Fifteen years later in1961 Howless Allen, a mechanic from Missouri, was inspired to create the pulley system. His thought was this would allow him to draw a heavier weight creating faster arrow flight; this was the beginning of the compound bow. These two men were pioneers in the archery world and laid the foundation for today’s billion dollar hunting industry. Fifty years ago arrow speeds over 300 FPS were unimaginable, arrow trajectory was never described as flat, rainbow would be a more accurate adjective, and let-off, what is let-off? Fast forward to modern day, the bows now have intricate cam systems shooting 350+ feet per second and are able to shoot accurately out to unimaginable distances. So, what separates the top of the line bows? In my opinion the key difference in one top end bow from the other is the company that stands behind it. All top end bows are fast, well made killing machines if in the hands of the right hunter. Why do I shoot the Bear Archery Motive 7? Bear is continually improving their archery line-up, known as the king of the recurve market, they have quickly climbed to the top of the compound market as well. I hunt with the Bear Archery Motive 7, the design is solid, the draw smooth, the release is quiet and my shots are accurate. In addition to all that and equally important to me is the company, Bear Archery, is one I trust. They haven’t forgot their roots and produce quality products for all types of archers and stand behind those products. Next time you are in the market for a compound bow I highly recommend you shoot a variety of different bows. By the end of the day I am confident Bear Archery will be with you in your favorite tree stand.