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A picture of Matt Guedes with his Bear Archery Take Down RecurveIt is very exciting to hunt all 14 species in Spain with my Bear Archery bows.  Check out this awesome article in bowhunting.net

The long range Goal is all laid out in the Bowhunting.net Article “My Spanish Pursuit” – “One of the things that I learned is that there are 14 different species to be hunted in Spain.  I knew of about 6 of them, but had no idea of the variety that exists on so many acres of huntable land.  The 4 Ibex (Sierra-Nevada, Rhonda-Tejada, Beceite, and Gredos), Red Stag, Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Cantabrian Chamois, Pyrenean Chamois, Wild Boar, Balerean Boc, Barbary Sheep, Roebuck, and Roebuck Morisco.  These 14 species are spread throughout the country and require massive travel to get to the areas where they exist.”  In the Article there is an amazing picture of Matt Guedes with Khalid Sultan the Bedouin Hunter, Picture in Spain of Matt Guedes with Khalid Sultan the Bedouin Hunter imagine taking this Ibex with a Bear Archery Bow.

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