Go Big or Go Home

When we think of BIG game in Africa we often think of the Big 5 or the Deadly 7. It is right of us to think this because those animals certainly justify the term BIG. My meaning of the term BIG took a large turn on my recent trip to South Africa with Sidebar Nkwe Hunting Safaris.

A year and half ago I had an up close encounter with a Giraffe. It was immense and powerful and majestic all at once. I was amazed at how quickly it was able to move and disappear while standing 20 feet tall. It was there and it was gone. I saw Giraffe on two occasions and became enamored with them instantly. I was not able to hunt one because of budgetary reason, but it is an animal that I do want to visit at some point with my Mathews bow.

Bear Anarchy HC

The Bear Anarchy HC is an incredible offering in their tremendous line of bows. I now have two of the Anarchy HC’s set up at a 30” draw length and 70 pounds and the results have been the same. I sighted both of these bows in from 20 to 80 yards in under 20 minutes. Bear states that “the new Anarchy HC is a deadly hunting bow with the feel, accuracy, and satisfaction of a target bow” and I have found that to be true. With a very forgiving brace height of 7.25 inches and a length of 35.5 inches, this bow hits the mark over and over again.

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